Firefighters Catering Safety Protocols



In consultation with the BC Restaurant and Food Services, Work Safe BC, and Fraser Health, we have established a series of protocols listed below.

Staff Protocols

  • Mandatory face masks for our team members
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures with greater attention to detail, and frequency
  • Social distancing will be required, with 2 meter distances between each table, and patron in different / separate parties
  • Wide walkways between each table
  • Tables set maximum of 6 guests suggested 4-5 people
  • Signage and floor markings in high traffic areas, reminding guests and team members of essential protocols
  • Fresh air flow, continually through the facility.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be provided upon entry, and departure to our facility for all guests
  • Limited physical contact for entering and departing facility, as well as additional exit points to reduce pedestrian congestion.
  • System of monitoring all deliveries to the Firefighters, to ensure safety measures are adhered to with Vendors, and to ensure limited contact with our workforce
  • Daily health checks on staff members at the beginning and end of their work day. Any sign of sickness, or symptom, and they will be required to depart, and will not be permitted to work
  • Consistent washing of hands by team members

The great service and atmosphere that you were accustomed to in the past, may have changed a slight bit, but we look to make it as close as possible, while providing you with the knowledge, that you are safe visiting us.


Banquet Hall 50 people, the Boardroom 20 people and the Downstairs Meeting Room 10 people

The above is a summary of our protocols. To obtain a more descriptive copy of our plan, please contact Steve Reilly at 604.437.6338 or catering

Customer Protocols

  • If you exhibit any signs of sickness: Shortness of breath, cough, cold, or fever, you will not be permitted entry. Call 811
  • If you have been required to self-isolate in the last 14 days, you will not be permitted entry
  • Physical Distancing in progress. Maintain a distance of at least 2 arms lengths from others.

A. Patrons must be able to maintain a distance of two meters from one another, unless they are in the same party, and from staff.

B. Patrons must be seated in such a way that 1) there are two meters between the patrons seated at the same table, unless they are in the same party. 2) there are two meters between the patrons seated at one table and the patrons seated at another table, unless they are in the same party.

C.  There must be no more than six patrons seated at a table.

D. Patrons must not be seated at a counter.

E. Patrons standing at a counter or table must be able to maintain a distance of two meters from other patrons, unless they are in the same party;

F. There must be no more than 50 patrons present at one time.

G. There must be no events held at the establishment that include more than 50 people.

H.  Contact information for one member of every party of patrons for thirty days in the event that there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer

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