Room Rental Update

Due to the new restrictions announced by the Province Saturday Nov 7th, we are not renting our facilities out at this time. Barring new or lengthened restrictions they will be available for use after 12:00pm November 24th. Please visit the link below for full details on the new restrictions

Service Clarification

Are you unsure of what is allowed when visiting us? This helpful list is just outside the Banquet Hall entrance. You can also bring up the website quickly with the QR-code.

Buffet Service Protocols

Are you interested in food service but, don’t want a plated service? We have sneeze guards in place as one of our many buffet service protocols.

Plated Menus

Plated Menus Interested in plated service and not a buffet? We have you covered with our new menus. Take a look at them here.